5-Hour Nick

You saw him standing across the crowded room with that signature red solo cup sitting firmly within his soft grip. The man, the myth, the legend. 5 Hour Nick. Famous for being able to get any woman to bare it all to him, and rub their bodies against his, within 300 minutes or less or your admiration/disgust/awe/jealousy refunded.

Your brother was one of the many who couldn’t stand him. He would claim that 5-Hour Nick was a sham, a fraud, a facade, a house of cards. That most of his perfume-scented conquests were forged, and he had only gotten lucky a few times at a few parts just like everybody else (everybody except for you). This was what your brother told you. And maybe part of you thought he was right. But then another part of you, perhaps the realist in you, felt like your brother was not only incorrect, but actively and knowingly lying when he said those things. Lying to himself most of all. I mean, why else did your brother decide to never bring his girlfriend to any of the school parties? Why was it only the church crowd he felt comfortable bringing her around to?

You could say that maybe those two friend groups, school and church, didn’t gel well, what with one being centered entirely around the worship of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, and the other being a schoolful of roughnecks from the bad part of town. Maybe your brother just didn’t want to bring his pious and sweet girlfriend around that energy. Maybe he was embarrassed by it? No, couldn’t be. She knew many of his friends, and they didn’t act differently around her, nor did he ever demand that of them. He’s even smoked weed with his friends while his girlfriend was in the car. You and her sat there awkwardly, sober as the day you were born, as your brother and his friends howled like 3 jackals at the most frustratingly mundane things.

And then there was that summer when 5-Hour Nick was vacationing in Italy. During that 2 month period, your brother made sure to bring his little blonde girlfriend to every house party held by any and everybody in your school whether low life or teacher’s pet. No, it was obvious what it was your brother was hiding from. He was hiding from the fact that he was hiding his GF. Hiding her from 5-Hour Nick.

The idea that even your brother was afraid of him, which he obviously was, gave his legend even more weight with you. It made it so delectably real. It wasn’t that you wanted to live through 5-Hour Nick. It was just that you wanted him to succeed. You wanted it to be true. You wanted to know that there was a master-key out there, it didn’t have to be you, in fact it was preferable if it wasn’t, as you wouldn’t even know what to do with all those women in your scrawny arms.

You kept looking over at him from across the party. He wasn’t even all that good looking. But still somehow you knew it was all true. It had to be. Or… maybe it was you who had been bitten by the spell of wishful thinking.

The tables had been turned and now it was your brother who was away in Rome for 3 weeks on a school related archaeological dig. And while your brother, normally acting in fear of 5-Hour Nick, relished and thrived in an environment without him, it was you who would relish and thrive in an environment without your brother. It was just you and your mom at home.

When you caught 5-Hour Nick with your eyes, standing alone for just a second of time, you shot across the party rapidly, meaning to catch him solo. But before you could get there, 2 more guys made it to him first. You stopped dead in your tracks. He noticed you as you did. He looked up at you, intrigued, then turned back to his friends and started talking.

He looked back up from time to time and you looked away quickly when he caught your gaze. You were petrified at the sight of his as if his eyes were the eyes of gorgon, his left eye Sodom, his right Gomorrah, and you were a pillar of salt in the wilderness frozen through the misfortune of looking back at him. Suddenly, the memory of your mom nude under that water fall, apparently alone but for your prying eyes. Clear water falling on the crest of her ass and her thighs as she wet her hair underneath it. You, at the thought of somebody seeing it, motioned toward the direction of your belt buckle, and as you did, the bush ruffling, and her eyes shooting up at you, causing you to turn to stone in the grasp of her big blue, round eyes.

She looked in your direction, and then, evidently not being able to make you out through the thick foliage, went back to enjoying the massaging fingers of the falls on her shoulders and breasts. Her feet splashed as they felt for her footing on the stone. When she got out she wrapped her towel around the goods. This was your signal to leave. You went back to the camp and got in the tent next to your sleeping brother. It didn’t take long after getting into your sleeping bag for you to remove your cock from your underwear. You massaged it thinking about somebody else being where you were in that moment, watching your mom, her body, in that state of blissful nudity. And you tugged on your cock as you did. Her side profile, the moment she heard something, with her breasts protruding proudly in front of her, and her ass behind, both far off from the baseline of her torso. Her face in your direction, as if she could see you, and her two big blue eyes.

Why didn’t anyone else deserve to see it?

Wrong question. Deserve wasn’t a lens that the universe decided through. It decided through Could.

You were about to blow as you imagined your 6 foot 5 gym teacher watching from your very spot, peering through those bushes as the woman who raised you was made clean by nature, her butt crack and her nipples visible to his prying eyes, much unlike any other day in his life.

Just before you could ruin your night by cumming into the free range of your sleeping bag, the tent door zipped open and you turned over quickly and shut your eyes. Your mom came in behind you in the dark. You slowly turned over just as she pulled her black underpants over her barely visible butt crack. She turned around, with her breasts swinging freely, but you turned away quickly, not determined to see if luck would be on your side two times that night.

You turned around again to see your mom conceal her golden body in her garrish purple sleeping bag. She turned around slowly, not trying to make too much noise as her nipples and butt cheeks disturbed her sleeping bag fabric. You could barely make out the shape of her ass through that purple material. Even still, it was enough to climax peacefully in the night to. But you didn’t want to have to sleep in your sticky mess all night. Her wet towel was outside, hanging above the grass on an invisible wire, absorbed with all her essence in the night air. A wolf howled somewhere. That very same night air that nipped at your mom’s soft extremities was the same one that legions of foul creatures stalked through. And as exciting as the thought of one of those creatures appearing from the shadows was, it was a letdown to know that if any came, none of them would come to ravage your mom.

Your cock rubbed against the blue fabric of your sleeping bag as you looked over at your brother, imagining a ghoulish beast gobbling him up in front of you. You smiled as your cock twitched, then the same creature grabbing hold of your squealing mom and dragging her out into the moonlight, where you could watch from the tent doorway, as it had its beastly ways with her. You looked at her ass through its purple cloak as she ruffled to get comfortable in there, and you imagined it, nude again, and up in the air, with her face to the ground, and the were-creature behind her, with his claw on her face, pressing its other side into the grass, and his pelvis up against the broad curve of her ass, each cheek splayed open, as he pumped away. You could see it all framed by the edges of her hanging towel.

Your hands were up over your bag, and when your mom wiggled herself again into her final resting position, her ass poked out and the purple material wrapped perfectly and tightly around it, as if a bubble was growing out the side of it, and you came without any help from your hands. Your teeth clamped down as you tried with all your might to keep silent through the wave after wave of pleasure. Finally, mercifully, the pleasure stopped. And the night was quiet.

You woke up in the morning with your brother by the river and your mom whistling as she made eggs over the fire. She was fully clothed in sharp contrast to last night. She looked over at you and smiled. “Breakfast is almost ready. Did you sleep good last night?”

5-Hour Nick looked up at you again and put his hand up sideways as if to say “what’s up?”

You thought about your mom’s eyes. You walked right up to him and his two friends looked at you strangely.

“Are you 5-Hour Nick?” you asked.

“Who’s asking?”

One of the two guys answered for you, telling him who your brother was. He looked at you as he did, making you feel uneasy.

“5-Hour Nick? Yeah, that’s me.”

You swallowed. “Does it really only take 5 hours?”

“No, it takes 6. Yes of course it takes 5. Hence the nickname, y’know?”

“Any woman?” you asked, almost afraid to.

His friend interrupted “yes! Any woman. Including-”

The other guy hit him, shutting him up. The butterflies, oh the butterflies inside you. These two had seen your mom before, you could be sure of that now. But the look on 5-Hour Nick’s face as he saw one friend hit the arm of the other showed you that he had never had the pleasure.

Within seconds, your best plan of action became apparent to you. Tell 5-Hour Nick that you’d like lessons in picking up women, watch all three of them smirk at you dismissively. Tell them that because your brother is gone for the months, and your brother always hated him, that he should use that opportunity to come to your place in the mean time and teach you the ropes. The one who almost mentioned your mom would smirk dismissively again, but before he could finish whatever mean remark he cooked up in his mind, the other one, being the smarter of the two, would last second have a visible epiphany and hit the other one in the arm again, causing 5-Hour Nick to look again perplexed at his two friends. And as you walked off, the smarter one would already be telling 5-Hour Nick all about your mom and just how delicious a dish she was. And he would be right in assuming that the deliciousness didn’t start at the neck up. You had seen that with your own two eyes.

5-Hour Nick would be coming to you then, as if it was you who had something to give. It would be the first time in your life that something like that happened. And you’d come up with a time and date, pretending your schedule is full, only to “make time for him” tomorrow afternoon. Then he’d come by and you’d introduce him to your mom. Then you’d see if he lived up to his namesake. Then you’d know whether or not magic really existed. The magic you’ve believed in within your heart of hearts ever since that moonlit night.

So that should be the plan. And if you had patience and skill and cunning and charisma, you’d do it and it would go off as you described to yourself without a hitch. And then you’d either know that magic exists, and you could die happy, or you could find out once and for all that it never did, and you won’t have to live your life wondering what if.

So that should be it. That’s the way it should be done.

Instead you blurted out “have you ever seen my mom?”

The dumb one: “I have” with a smile.

The smart one with a look of puzzlement.

5-Hour Nick: “No. What kind of question- is she here?”

You: “No.”

“Okay, what are you asking? I don’t get it.” he said, looking genuinely annoyed.

“I seen her,” said the dumb one again.

“What about her?” the smart one asks, the only one looking as intrigued as he should have been.

“I…. uh.” You froze suddenly. Your lips and tongue wouldn’t move and you felt dizzy standing there with the 3 sets of eyes on you, one set aroused, impish and confused, the other annoyed, bored and confused, and the third intrigued, hopeful and confused.

The smart one again: “What does your mom have to do with 5-Hour Nick.”

The fact that he said his full cognomen like that stirred up the embers in the pit of your soul.

“Do you want him to meet her?” He asked slowly. 5-Hour Nick looked over. The dumb friend looked over to, barely just understanding but not quite there yet.

You sheepishly nodded your head, afraid that it was about to fall off with each tilt.

He stopped to think about it. “Okay…… How long do you want him to meet her for?”

You tried to keep your face the same, terrified of overextending yourself, but inside you were rattling like a cage.

“1 Hour?” He suggested.

You couldn’t hide it. You smiled.

“2 Hours?”

The blood rushed to your face. 5-Hour Nick noticed

“3 Hours?” he said, and waited for a reply.

You stood there for a second and signalled higher with a thumbs up.

“4 Hours?” he suggested, now smiling from ear to ear. 5-Hour Nick looked over at him.

You exhaled involuntarily.

“…5 Hours?”

The soles of your feet and the palms of your hands were electric.

“6 Hours?”

You interjected, “But he only takes 5.”

He smiled. 5-Hour Nick looked at him and he looked back. He nodded his head. The dumb one, not so out of the loop now, grabbed his shoulder encouragingly. He looked over at you. “That’s right. It’ll only take 5,” he said and smiled.

Your lips were quivering, visibly, but you were too far into the realm of excitement to feel any embarrassment. “Come tomorrow. Please,” you said desperately. “I won’t be in your way.”

“That’s good,” he said, smirking.

“And my brother’s gone. He can’t stop you.”

“He never could have. The only thing that can stop me is not having 5 hours to spare.”

“He could have stopped me though,” you said, and smiled. “He can’t stop me now.”

The smart one interjected “Your brother likes to stop things, I noticed. He stops his girlfriend from coming to these parties because he’s afraid Nick’s going to take her for a spin. He thinks Nick’s in the business of fucking other guys’ girls. Your brother’s a faggot, dude.”

You smiled and looked down, not wanting to insult your brother. The image of your mom’s side profile under the waterfall flashed in front of you.

“So this is a good payback then, don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” you said. You really did agree. Not that you wouldn’t have done this either way.

He pushed 5-Hour Nick’s shoulder, and 5-Hour Nick looked at him and smiled. He said, “You’re so lucky man. Can you text us tomorrow and tell us what happened?”

“Yeah, of course,” he said.

“Okay, what time tomorrow?” he asked you.


“Okay, so 6 tomorrow?” he closed his eyes in thought, “no, it takes time to fuc…. 8 tomorrow then? So you can go at it and hang out or whatever.”

“How about 7. It takes an hour after I stick it in, and I’m not sticking around long after that. I didn’t know that faggot even had a GF until you just said it. If he can’t show my any respect, his mom isn’t getting any either.”

“You mean she isn’t getting any after your balls are empty?” his friend clarified with a smirk.

“Yeah, after I empty them on her face,” he said and they all started laughing. You stood there, eyes wide in awe. You didn’t even know what to do with your arms, so you crossed them and they trembled against your ribs.

You left the house that night with 3 new number in your phone. You texted one of those numbers your home address along with some basic instructions as you walked through the early morning air. You felt alive for the first and only other time since that night by the waterfall. Your mom’s beautiful profile and her blue eyes, reflecting the giant full moon, as she looked over at you, scared to find something, even a hint, out in the dark green flashes, something out to get her, lurking in that darkness.

You held up your hand with your index finger sticking up. You mouthed out the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in sync with your fingers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

When you got home, your mom was sleeping on the couch peacefully. You went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. Your cock was hard against the sink as you gulped down the clear liquid. It was cool on your throat. The moonlit night air spilled in through the open window. You put the glass back down in the sink and you turned around and almost jumped out of your skin when you saw your mom standing there.

“Did you enjoy the party, sweety?”

“Yeah, mom,” you said. She had no idea.

“That’s good,” she said, and she yawned and stretched her limbs out, leaving her breasts to hang out covered in baby blue fabric. It was 11 hours til 1:00 noon. “By the way,” she said, near the end of her yawn, “do you want a cookie?”

“Sure, mom”

She leaned over the kitchen table to grab one from the tray under the cloth. Her ass, wrapped in pajamas, in full, sweet view.

10 hours, 59 minutes, and 50 seconds left, you thought as you scanned her baby blue ass. She looked back up at you with her blue eyes and handed you the cookie “here you go, sweety.”

“Thanks” you said as you looked down at her and took a bite.

“Anyways, I should go to bed. Sleeping on the couch is rough on me,” she said and she grabbed her lower back with an open palm and gave a look of subtle pain.

“Okay. Good night mom” you said.

“Goodnight, sweety,” she replied and you watched her baby blue ass as she left the kitchen and went down the hall.

As her bedroom door closed, you shot for your belt buckle, and you undid it, unzipped your pants and let your cock fall out. “Uhhhhh” your murmured. It had been pent up in there all night. The slight chill form that night blew in through the window. You stood in the white light of your kitchen and you massaged your cock and balls. 10 hours and 58 minutes left.

You twisted and turned in your bed all night until finally, at 6:00 AM, your eyes closed. They opened back up at 11:00 AM. You got up quickly, ate your mom’s breakfast, told her you were going out, then when she was in the washroom, you knocked on the door and told her you were leaving. You opened and shut the front door loudly, then snuck back into your room.

Your phone was fully charged so you could take a pictures. You wanted to send it to him so nobody could question his nickname ever again. You wanted to send it to him so he could send it to the guys and they could see her how you saw her that night. See her in an even more compromised state. She shut off the tap and came out the washroom.

Your mom went about her business as if she were alone in the house. 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang. Your mom’s feet click-clacked on the floor and then you heard the door open. And when you heard his voice, it sounded as sweet as honey to you. Your cock couldn’t believe you were hearing that voice under your roof. It was happy as you played with it.

“Hi” your mom exclaimed.

“Hi,” he answered.

There was a silence of a little over 2 seconds in length.

“I’m sorry, I’m not sure that I know who you are,” your mom explained.

He explained that he was your brother’s friend. “You must be his sister.”

“Oh, no. Wow. No. I’m his mother. Nice to meet you.”

“Ohhh. So you’re who he gets his big blue eyes from.”

“Yes, that would be me” she said and giggled.

“Don’t worry, they look much prettier on you,” he said and she started laughing, sounding flustered.

“So what brings you here then? You know he’s in Rome, right?”

“Yes I know.”

“Soooo?” your mom inquired.

“Well, I guess, both your sons have told me such great things about you so I wanted to talk to you myself.”

“Awwww. Really? That’s so heartwarming. But-”

“Yeah, and I just came to prove to myself that you’re not all that great.”

Your mom laughed. “Awwww. Wow. You’re funny.”

It got silent for a second. But it felt like a lot longer to you as you stood behind your bedroom door, pulling on your dick.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“That face you just made now.”

“What face.”

“You just gave this look and it looked like you were a movie star or something.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean, when you were looking at me just now, you made this face and… it was weird.”


“Yeah. But I mean in a good way. It was…. just weird.”

“Well, I don’t know,” she said and laugh, “I’m not sure what-”

“Stop! There it is again. What is that?”

“What, what?”

“Oh, it’s gone.”

“Well, I don’t-”

“Man,” he said, “if only you could make that face all the time, you’d be famous.”

“Wow. I wish I knew what you meant.”

“I mean, you look good without it too, but with it you were a real stunner.”


“Yeah, ‘huh’ is right.”

There was another silence. Then your mom broke it with “would you like some cookies? I made some last night.”

“Yes, I’d love a good cookie. They said your cookies were the best too. So I have to try.”

The crunches were inaudible at your distance. “So… how is it?”

“….not good.”

“What!? Really?”

“Yeah,” he said, sounding genuinely disappointed, “it’s great,” he said non-chalantly.

“Oh!” she said and you could hear the limp thud of her hand against his shoulder.

“Hey, no violence.”

“Oh, stop it.”

“Geeze, they never told me about that part of you. No wonder they say such nice things about you all the time. They’re trying to stay on your good side.”

“Seriously, stop it! You-”


“Again what?”

“That face. It’s gone now. But you just did it there.”

“Ughhh,” your mom said, annoyed.

“Come here,” he said, “you have this nice big mirror here just for opportunities like this. Look.”

“Tell me when I make it.”

“I will, come here.”

There voices got lower, as if they were standing shoulder to shoulder. Or maybe… back to chest.

“Is this kind of like it?”

“No. That’s nothing like it. Don’t do that gain.”

She laughed. “Geeze.”

“Geeze is right. Concentrate.”

“I am. I-”


The silence was deafening.

And then loudly: “That’s the face!”

“What are you doing?”

“That was payback for hitting me in the arm.”

Your mom, almost firm, “Didn’t your mom ever teach you to keep your hands to yourself?”

“That face is gone. Yes she did, but every woman in my life has taught me the opposite. Now turn around.”

“Hey!” your mom shrieked.

“Now concentrate. We almost had it.”

“I don’t think-”

“Don’t think.”

“Hey! What are you doing!?”



“Shut up. Just keep yours eyes up and at the mirror.”


“Let go of them.”


“Just let go, eyes up.”


“Yeah, like that, like that. See? Nothing bad happens when your finger don’t get in the way like that. Keep them away. No! No!”


“Shhhhh. Shhhhh. I just want to see it without underwear. Just let me- Yeah, that’s a good girl.”

“What are you do-”

“You’re making the face again. Look back in the mirror. Don’t mind me down here. *smooch*

“Oh!” she started panting. “Stop…” she said breathily.

“You should have stopped me before I got down here. *smooch* Now I can’t stop. I need to see all of you.”

Your mom whimpered. As did you as you kept your ear and cock pressed against the door.

“Just step out- yeah like that. Goood giiirrll. Turn around. Yeah.”


“I want to kiss it.”


“Just the hair. Just a peck. *kiss* Good.”

Your mom whimpered uncontrollably.

“You’re making it again… That face. No, another face. A better one. I want to look at the rest of you now, but I can’t take my eyes off that face. Take off your shirt. Wait, wait, wait! Okay, go do it. I just didn’t want it to get in the way of that face. And look, you’re still making it on the other side. Now the bra. You don’t have to cover your face when you do that, thank god. Yeesss. Wow, they look just like he told me they would.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Because when he was a baby, he seen them. Get it?”

She started laughing limply, not because she didn’t find it funny, but because her laugh was drowned out by her ecstasy.

“I couldn’t even imagine this was what would happen today. But you’re just so beautiful, and you kept seducing me with that face. Here, pull down my pants and see how beautiful I think you are.”

Now you knew what desperate hands on zippers sounded like. You had heard your own desperate hands on your own burdensome zipper many times before, including just 10 minutes ago.

“You like it don’t you? Play with it. Yeah, like that. You’re making that face again, but at my cock. No, don’t look at me. Look back down. I like it. Look, he likes it. Let me take my pants off.”

His belt buckle made a clang as it hit the hardwood floor.

“Let’s take this to the couch.”

“Okay,” your mom whispered.

10 minutes passed, but it felt like forever. You slowly opened your door, sliding the bolt inch by inch, and then sliding the door open inch by inch on its creaky axis. You then inched closer toward the grown, as if you had reverted back to being a baby, and you crawled out into the hallway. You heard the subtle auditory indications of something gorgeous happening so close. Like the sound of water running through a treeline in the night. You slowly but surely pushed along the floor, remembering the moral of that story your mom read to you as a child: slow and steady wins the race. You were completely naked from the waist down and your hard cock slid across the hardwood.

It was just around the corner now. You pulled out your phone and turned on the camera.




You rounded the corner.

He sat on his bed and played with his cock. That lucky bastard, he thought. Not only are girls throwing themselves at him, but even their sons were doing it for them! He couldn’t stand hanging out with him. But once upon a time he thought that if he did, he could pick up on his sloppy seconds. He knew better now. The girls Nick got were always out of his league. But he couldn’t stand not seeing them. And plus, he knew that perks like the experience of seeing that last night, that red-faced jackass stammering his way through a request for Nick to have his devilish way with his mom. If he didn’t continue to hang out with Nick, he wouldn’t have those stories to tell. And he wouldn’t be lying on his bed today, watching the minute hand on the clock tick by so unbearably slow, waiting for the text.

It was 3:00 PM. 3 more hours to go, he thought. Suddenly his phone vibrated. He looked over to see he got a text with an image attached from Nick. He opened it up.

His jaw hit the floor.

He texted back “dude, it’s only been 2 hours.”

And back to him came “yeah, but I got her pants off in 10 minutes.”

“Dam, i always knew this bitch would look good fuckin how was she”

“She was great. He sent me the full video footage. Even when i came on her face. I told her she was making this movie star face and then i came on it and started laughing at her. You have to see it”


“No, Im all tuckered out from hammering her pussy.”


“Maybe the day after.”

“Why man why not tomorrow”

“Seems i have an engagement tomrrow. He invited me to a church party. And you know who will be there.”

“A church party? Your a christian now. Who?”

“His mom gave it up in 10. let’s see if his gf will give it up any quicker.”

“ha ha pretty soon we’ll be calling you 5-Minute Nick”

Your mom’s ass trembled in the air as she sobbed facedown into her throw-pillow. You filmed it feverishly only 10 feet away, as you pulled on your hungry cock, eager to capture as much of it as you could in digital immortality so you could send it to 5-Hour Nick in celebration of what he’s reduced her too. You pulled your cock up with your index and middle finger on your left hand and then let it go.

*Thud* against the kitchen floor.

Your mom’s head shot up, and she looked behind her.

You pulled back behind the doorway, struggling to not make a peep, even though the excitement and sudden rushing feeling of fear made you want to gasp. You looked straight ahead into the kitchen, terrified she would come in and see you there without your pants. You could imagine it vividly. Her bare footsteps on the hardwood and her coming around that corner completely nude and looking down at you in horror and disgust. Oh god, you were about to cum.

Luckily you didn’t cum. And even more lucky, she didn’t come. But something caught your eye. Something blue. You looked up into the black mirror of the microwave door and you saw her there, her fat ass still up in the air. And her face, twisted towards you on the swivel of her neck, tilted slightly to the right, peering into the dead kitchen. Her two big blue eyes wide with a look you couldn’t even describe. Beautiful beyond mere language. But instead of those two blue eyes swimming in a lake of white, her eyes were red with tears. And her usually pristine face was wet with cum.

She snorted suddenly and her ass jiggled as she did. She was beautiful.

You were lucky she didn’t look at that microwave door glass with any concentration. Otherwise she’d see you peering up at her. You slowly lifted your phone up, trying to make as little movement as possible, and you filmed that look. That beauty that had no name.

And suddenly, it transformed as her face scrunched up.

You froze.

And then the face taking its intended form welled up pathetically and she threw it into the pillow and continued sobbing. And you turned around to film her ass up in the air jiggling as she did. She had never been more beautiful. In this, her most private moment. And soon the whole world Could see it.

Magic was the right people at the right places at the right time. You believed in magic. You’d be an idiot not to.

2 thoughts on “5-Hour Nick

  1. At last I found the trait that I’ve been looking for. The story where the mother reprisals against the unknown forces where she eventually succumbs to the current. Supported by the ally she trusted the most. Her own son, her own flesh and blood. Such sweet betrayal. I hope you will do this kind of story again. Looking forward to it. Again, you have lived my expectation

    Liked by 1 person

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